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Giving Hands – “Monica e Sonia” By G.dallorto (Own work) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

This post is about Jennifer Lee, my business coach, and what she has taught me about generosity.  Today was the first day of her annual summit (Right Brainers in Business Video Summit) and she interviewed Michael Port (author of “Book Yourself Solid Illustrated”).   For those who haven’t seen him before, Michael Port is super energetic, funny, inspiring and really has a passion for helping entrepreneurs with their businesses.  He is thoughtful about how he goes about it, the community that he creates, and the risks he takes to keep his work fresh and moving forward.  Near the end of the interview (click here to sign up for the summit and watch the video – it will be up until Weds, 4/9 for free), he talks about Jennifer Lee herself and how people want to help her.  It’s true, when she asks in our mentorship group for a testimonial for how her program has helped her business I immediately want to jump in.

What is it about her that makes me (and Michael Port, and others who answer her call) want to help her?  For me, it is her spirit of generosity.  At every point in my connection with her, beginning last year during the 2013 summit, I have felt her generosity and it has helped me completely change my ideas about being in business.  First, she freely gives her gifts to anyone who is interested:  the summit itself last year was a complete turning point in my relationship to my business – and it was all free.  There are options to pay, she is running a business after all, and they are just that – options.  The paid options do enhance the experience, and one can receive the wisdom and inspiration without them.  The other area that feels generous, is how she promotes and encourages those in her mentorship program by having them appear in a “spotlight” on her blog, as guests during her summit, and featured in her book.  While this is good business, showing how she has helped others, it also feels really good – I feel her genuine caring and excitement when her people excel and succeed.  She is doing this because it is her passion, and I feel it.

I use her example whenever my own gremlins about money, “selling”, and being in business come up.  You know, that used car salesman stereotype “ick” factor some of us feel (I often feel) when we think about promoting our businesses.  I am so grateful to have found Jennifer and her community, I have made friends and connections that have helped me grow and change in so many ways.  What if she didn’t promote her business, I didn’t know about her, and I would not have been helped to grow and change in my business?  That leads me to ask the question, might others be grateful to me for being in business as well?  Could my offerings help people when they need it?  When I step into her example of service and really offering things to help the people I want to help, then “selling” is transformed into an offering from my heart, and my gremlins quiet down.

So, what happens when a person inspires generosity, and when they ask for help, you say an emphatic “yes!”?  The generosity multiplies, rewards come.  I, who still feel like my business is in its infancy, am one of the people featured in Jennifer’s new book “Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way.”  Since working with Jennifer and others in the community she has created, I have stepped into my business so much more fully, especially in being visible (this blog! Twitter! talking with people!).  Also, I inhabit the space of generosity, feeling that my giving from my heart is the way to reach the people who want what I have to give.  Thank you Jennifer!


*I am not paid by Jennifer or anyone else to promote their programs, this is simply my heart-felt gratitude.  I’ll be buying my own copy of the book at my local book store when it comes out at the end of April.

Who and what are you grateful for? Would you like to move more into gratitude in areas of your life?  If you have any interest in working with me around this or any other area of your life you want to transform, click here to contact me, let’s talk!

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