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The Beauty and Magic of a Women's Circle

The Beauty and Magic of a Women’s Circle

I have been playing with Pinterest in the last few months, and recently I created a new board called “Circle Together”.  It was only a little while later that I realized I was pinning what I wanted to call into my life.  I have always loved circling with women.  There is an energy, of healing, love, and acceptance that is held in these circles – and this has always been my experience.  Even if there was “other stuff” outside of the circle (gossip, insecurity, judgement), within the circle itself all of that other stuff melted away.  By being together, all holding the same intention of connecting with each other and with our inner-selves, we were able to step into a different space, a sacred space.

Divine Feminine arises in women's circles

Divine Feminine arises in women’s circles

I feel called to begin bringing women together in sacred circles, for connection and as a way inside to help myself and others connect with our own Divine Light.  This is a new offering, and I am beginning this in person and later (probably in the fall) will be creating an online circle offering.

If you or someone you know would be interested in joining me in sacred circle, I encourage you to sign up for my new newsletter – The Seeker.  Not only will I be giving more information about the circles in the newsletter, I will also be sharing my own journey, my own seeking for the way inside.  For I am always looking for ways to go deeper, to connect with my own inner wisdom, my own guidepost, my own Divine Light.  I hope you will join me!

The Seeker Newsletter - Subscribe!

The Seeker Newsletter – Click on the picture to subscribe!

Are you interested in a free 30-minute coaching/consultation session to help you connect with your own Divine Light?  Click here to contact me, I would love to talk with you!

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