Taking up space and being seen

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Recently my business mentor/coach Jennifer Lee posted a challenge on our online group, she asked us how we were going to show up bigger in our businesses, how were we going to take up space?

This has always been a challenge for me, I am much more comfortable being in the background and listening.  AND I know that the time has come for me to be seen, and heard, and let the world know me more deeply.  So, I made a video where I read my own Tarot cards, let you see my insecurities, and also my strengths in facing my issues and moving forward.

Here is my video, it ain’t perfect, I hope it speaks to you.

How do you feel about being seen and heard?  How do you show up and take up space?   We can explore that together in a free 30 minute coaching session, click here to contact me. 

I will soon be introducing a new on-line series where I work and play with tarot and oracle cards, we can discover together how cards can be a window inside to your own divine guidance.  Will you join me?  Sign up for my newsletter to receive updates and info about the program!

Sign up for my newsletter - The Seeker

Sign up for my newsletter – The Seeker

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