Fill Up Your Tank Fridays – online inspiration

Fill up your tank, self-care
Pull up to the pump for a fill up of your internal gas tank!

Pull up to the pump for a fill up of your internal gas tank!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Fill Up Your Tank Fridays post.  And after the last couple of weeks with back-to-school stress and that big super moon on Monday – I really need some re-fueling, how about you?

One way I do it is through inspiring talks, programs and workshops that I’ve found online.  It’s convenient (watch, read, and participate wherever and whenever YOU want), and often it’s free!  I will be offering my own online program working with tarot and oracle cards in a month or so (click here to sign up for my newsletter for updates), but until then here are three wonderful things that are happening now:

Bindi Shah's "Letters to My Soul" free program

Bindi Shah’s “Letters to My Soul” free program

First is Bindi Shah’s Letters to My Soul program, it’s free and Bindi is now taking sign ups. Bindi is a meditation teacher, life coach, and a deeply spiritual and compassionate person.  I have taken 2 rounds of her Heal Thyself program and have loved learning to connect with my soul for guidance and healing.  Bindi has now for the first time offered a free program to bring her message of soul connection and healing to a wider audience – click here or on the picture above for more information or to sign up.

Second, video above highlights Sheila Pai’s upcoming Nurturing You Virtual Retreat for Women.  This is a two-week, online, free virtual retreat featuring interviews designed to give the participants easy and doable ways to incorporate nurturing self-care into their daily lives.  Sheila’s mission in life has been to bring ease, peace and joy to women and families through Non-Violent Communication skills and mindful self-care.  She has chosen a wonderful roster of women to spark and inspire self-nurturing practices and creativity.  Click here to sign up soon, it begins on September 15th!

Lunar Letters from Vanessa Sage

Lunar Letters from Vanessa Sage

Third, I want to highlight the incomparable work of Vanessa Sage, healer, poet, and light bringer.  I am nearing the end of a free program that she offered over the summer called Enchant Your Everyday – and that is what you will find through her work, everyday enchantment.  Right now her only free offerings are her newsletter – Lunar Letters – and her blog — both completely worth checking out.  Vanessa sprinkles her work with her beautiful poetry, and she has a book of poetry for sale too.  She is now offering tarot readings and ceremonial headings as well, bringing insight and magic into a deeper and more personal level.

I would love to know what are your favorite online offerings for nurturing and inspiration!  Please share!

Want to go deeper and create a personal and doable plan to nurture yourself and fill-up your tank? Contact me to set up a free 30-minute coaching session!

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