5 Ways to Channel Your Emotions

Use the power of your emotions for good in your life

Use the power of your emotions for good in your life


Growing up I always felt that emotions were in my way.  They made me feel vulnerable (a bad thing in my mind back then), especially when the tears wanted to leak out all over the place.  I spent a lot of time – and energy – pushing them down, telling them to be quiet, feeling that they were stopping me from what I needed to do.  How do you think that turned out for me? I had a lot of stomach aches, and the emotions ended up popping out at even more inconvenient times. We live in a time of logic, science, and rational thinking – and yet we are still often ruled by emotions – what to do?

Wanting a card for the general energy of today that I could share with you I pulled the Ace of Vessels from the Wildwood Tarot Deck.

Emotions are the Waters of Life

Emotions are the Waters of Life


The Wildwood Tarot - based on pre-Christian mythology of the British Isles

The Wildwood Tarot – based on pre-Christian mythology of the British Isles

The Ace of Vessels asks us to accept our emotions and use their power in our lives instead of pushing them down inside where they fester and drain our energy. Emotions are powerful motivators – passion, desire, excitement all move us in the direction of fulfilling our dreams (there pretty much are no dreams without emotions). Emotions give us so much information – anger tells us when someone has breached our boundaries, sadness lets us know that we need to pause and be with ourselves because something big and meaningful has happened.

So how the heck can we use the power of our emotions to help us in our lives? Well first, we have to give them some time and space. I will say that again we need to give our emotions some time and space. Once you have committed to that, you can use any of the 5 suggestions I have listed below for channeling that energy into creativity and forward movement (or make up some of your own!):


1.  Write: Sometimes when we feel swamped with emotion, there is information in that emotion we need that we can’t always access right away (because we’re swamped!). So putting pen to paper helps get out all of the overwhelming stuff so we can get to the heart of the situation and decide how to move forward. Here is a link to a great exercise for when we are angry, angry, angry.

2.  Make art and stuff: Emotions fuel creativity – think about every great song you know, the great literature, amazing paintings and sculpture. Artists use their emotions in their work to inspire their works and heal their souls. So what if you aren’t an artist! Twelve years ago after a couple of miscarriages, I grieved those losses by learning to knit baby hats. I recently began painting at Chris Zydel’s PaintingWild Heart Studio where I can pour my emotions out onto the paper. From there I get a new perspective and I feel flow, movement, and creativity enter into all areas of my life. I have clients who are musicians, poets, and photographers who all use their mediums to move through their emotional blocks. If you were going to dive into making something, what would it be?

3.  Go and Be in Nature: The pictures on the Ace of Vessels card above are no accident, connecting to the earth (even just putting your feet on some warm grass), being near water, breathing in the air of the mountains – all of these are powerful ways to access our emotions and the information they bring to us. Most of us have a park, a creek, a mountain nearby that we can go to for healing and rejuvenating.

4.  Dance, Sing and let Music Heal You: I have written before in this post about how dancing helps me move through the intense energy of emotions and so that I can access the messages and guidance they bring. Even just turning on some meaningful music and swaying around the living room on your own can be freeing and liberating – so can belting out a song (this one is an old favorite!). And sometimes the most productive days I’ve had have been after I’ve put on some sad music and let the tears flow first. What are some of your favorite “emotional” pieces of music?

5.  Talk to Someone Trusted:  Of course! You may want to warn them first that you need to do some emotional dumping and you simply need an ear. After a while, you may notice the lightness that comes as you begin to feel into what the emotion is telling you that you need to know. It helps if the person you talk to is someone you trust to be objective and to listen and ask illuminating questions. For me, my coach is often the person I can work out the toughest and stickiest emotional situations with. And this is what I love to do as a coach with my clients, help them channel their emotional power into new perspectives, creativity, and forward movement in their lives.


I would love to strategize with you about ways to channel your emotional energy!  Click here to contact me!

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