Golden Gate Bridge and sky

Chicken soup

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I am feeling sick today, and a little sorry for myself that my daughter is also home sick and needing me to take care of her.  I decided to look over my photos from the last couple of months and pick out a few favorites to lift my spirits, like chicken soup.  Maybe they will lift your spirits too.


Native American Blanket

Native American blanket at the de Young Museum in San Francisco – textiles make me happy

Coffee art and cupcake

Coffee art, always makes me smile (chocolate cupcakes don’t hurt either!)

Green sewing machine

I love, love, love, the green color of my mother-in-law’s old sewing machine (now mine)!

Linen pillow

Every time I see this linen pillow (that I sewed and then stamped with redwood leaves) on my couch I get a little boost of satisfaction.

Beautiful clouds

This crazy beautiful sky from early October makes me think anything is possible.

Golden Gate Bridge and sky

Late afternoon sun over the Golden Gate Bridge – this is the view when I climb the hills near my house. It always fills me up.

I think I’ll go and make some soup now.

What lifts you up when you feel down?  I’d love to hear about it!


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