Sacred party time

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We had ridiculous amounts of fun.

Last Friday I invited women to a tarot and oracle card party as a preview for my upcoming offering Intuition Bootcamp Sacred Circle. I had no idea what would happen except that I would create sacred space and then open it up for whatever wanted to unfold. What developed was pure magic. It was the alchemy that occurs when women gather together in safe sacred space with the intention to bring their full selves and to open up to Spirit. The women were invited to bring their own decks and share cards, and many did.

IMG_1854I kicked things off with Peace and Passion from the Sassy She Oracle. I also spoke about having fun and playing with the cards together. Here’s what happened in the chat:

“Love that Passion card! Fun! Dance! One of my fav things!”
“Peace and Play!”
“Loving the three P’s — Play Passion Peace!!!! Needed to hear those today.”


And then the women shared their cards and it was a tumble of beauty, fun, wisdom and synchronicity!!

IMG_1946IMG_1948IMG_1947images-1Ruth's cardsimagesimgresimages-209d2b37df1fe4fd3f8649ca5fb71dd7dIMG_1949

And here’s a small taste of the magic came through the chat:

“Lovelution 💞”
“Wild, free, full moon! trance,”
“so lovely when we get confirmation that we are on the right path”
“Let’s go down that wild path together!”
“letting go!!! yes yes yes.”
“love letting go message! I’ll have what she’s having! :)”

“tears of joy at all the beautiful synchronicity!”
“the flower is so open, vulnerable, alive!”
“I think I popped in here just to see that card!”
“Wow! powerful, The Reader!”
“On fire!”
“thank you for that!!!!!OMG so needed that. Especially the poet one.”

“yes!!! It’s all about the why!!”
“The Queen of Wands!!!! Transformation!”
“Yes! Fierce compassion”
“snake medicine for healing.”
“sending love and light to you! keep embracing”
“Love how all the cards we’ve drawn are speaking to each other”
“Love the water flow…”
“stand firm in letting go”
“the standing firm can be harder than the letting go – at least for me.”

In 75 minutes online we built connection, gave support, celebrated each other, and had flashes of insight. Many of them will be back for the next card party, and you are invited too:

Thursday, October 29th at 12 noon Pacific time, 3pm Eastern

On Zoom which is a free video conferencing app, if you have never used it, click on the link below a couple of minutes early and it will automatically download to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

IMG_1640Some women shared cards, some didn’t. Some women were on camera, some weren’t. Some were very involved in the chat, some not so much. And every single one of them brought amazing energy to this circle. One woman signed up for Intuition Bootcamp Sacred Circle right after the party. She told me that this was just what she needed to renew and refresh herself while caregiving for her family.

I hope you will join us on Thursday, October 29th – 12 noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)!  Use this link: Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:




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