Embracing the Darkness Together

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Darkness - Sassy She Oracle

Darkness – Sassy She Oracle

We had another wonderful sacred tarot and oracle card party on Thursday (read about the first one here)! Before we began, I pulled a card from the Sassy She Oracle and received Darkness. This felt right to me, both for the season (we have moved into the darkest quarter of the year) and for the areas of myself that I’ve been exploring. I had a worry that “darkness” would be a bit too much for a party. I spoke with the group about darkness being connected to my feelings of vulnerability as I launch my online offering Intuition Bootcamp Sacred Circle. As usual, I didn’t need to worry, Spirit doesn’t steer me wrong. Here’s what women said in the chat:

“That’s what I’ve been working with too. Integrating darkness.”
“Me too! Set up a dark goddess altar today”
“me too. Massive vulnerable time”
“i picked sadness 3 of swords just now; and prince of swords; and princess of disks… lots going on”
“So vulnerable here lately!”

The magic and the alchemy continued as women showed their cards – balance, light and dark, vulnerability and strength, and love.

IMG_2024IMG_2026IMG_2032IMG_2025ruth loveruth balancekatherine's cardlegacy of divine tarotIMG_2027IMG_2030thoth magicianIMG_2028IMG_2031imgres

“my totem animal…owls”
“nurturing the night, yes”
“owls…amakua in Hawaii”
“Owls are one of my totems too. They have taught me much.”
“love the simplicity of those cards! Wow!”

“need the dark to rest”
“never thought of it like that….seeds need the dark to grow”
“balancing is an act…the act of balancing”
“balance is non-exsistent I think…it seems more like a juggle”
“It’s just a shifting of energy to different quadrants of life not worrying about balance”
“your words are resonating …sooo much”
“That nugget makes big ripples. xo”
“Power does come from within……”
“It feels like she’s letting the sadness and regret go. She feels very noble”

“yes …there is a time to respect the procrastination cause it too has meaning”
“Love that procrastination is our intuition telling us that something needs to be looked at, considered… notice.”
“I needed to hear that today!”
“I’m starting to feel what I need to do next.”
“yes, trust the feelings of what it means for you!”

Some people pulled cards that spoke to them in ways that were different from the meanings in the books. That last comment, “yes, trust the feelings of what it means for you!” is what Intuition Bootcamp Sacred Circle is all about. We gather together, support each other, and exercise our intuition to find the messages and meanings that are here for us specifically.

The magic of the circle shows us time and time again that we are all connected. While we are all different in many ways, there is a commonality and a mutual understanding that forms when we gather together with the intention of being in the Divine flow.

During Intuition Bootcamp Sacred Circle, we will be circling live in this way three times over two weeks for our deep and sacred work together. The opening circle is tomorrow, November 2 at 10am Pacific!

IMG_2006I hope you will join us as we connect in with our own Infinite Truth! Click here to learn more about Intuition Bootcamp Sacred Circle, and circle with us!






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2 thoughts on “Embracing the Darkness Together

  1. Monica!! I love this. The title — Embracing the Darkness Together gives me great comfort to know that as we work through our darkness that there is indeed something magical happening in that space. I love that we are going to take a journey that allows for both the light and the dark. Thank you for creating sacred space to explore these things.

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