Slowing down to rest

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My Monday morning card spread from the Wildwood Tarot

Monday morning before a full week of holiday prep and launch activities for my upcoming Intuition Bootcamp Sacred Circle I decided to take some deep breaths and do a card spread for myself. I was still in my bed, cozy in my pajamas and the sun had yet to make an appearance. I was beginning to feel a tickle in the back of my throat, the sign that a cold might be coming on.

The "Rest" card from the Wildwood Tarot on my resting pup

The “Rest” card from the Wildwood Tarot on my resting pup

I felt such profound relief when the first card in the spread was the Four of Arrows – Rest. In it the arrows are in the ground outlining the sleeping figure, while a butterfly watches over. It almost didn’t matter what the other cards were in the Celtic Cross spread I used, this was the message I needed to hear. I completely shifted the plan for the week, opened myself up to a quieter launch of the circle, and really asked my body what it needed from me to be healthy. And of course my body’s answer was – REST.

Some of the work I’ve been doing these past months has been around my own natural rhythms and cycles. I have had the loving guidance of my friend Ruth McCants and her Walking the Wheel series on astrology. It’s all beginning to make sense to me why certain times of the year I have more energy for being out in the world, and other times it feels impossible (and how my cycles are different from those of others!). Hop on over to her website here if you want some downloadable PDFs to explore this for yourself.

From the Cosmos Tarot

From the Cosmos Tarot

When I tune into myself and my own cycles and rhythms I begin to feel into times when I need to slow down and rest, and how that affects all areas of my life. When I am rested I have more access to my inner wisdom, I am able to better balance work and family, and I’m able to be more present and enjoy this busy life. Now, during the holidays, it’s especially important for me to balance my need for solitude and inner reflection with the gatherings and celebrations. Only then can I truly connect with others, rather than feeling like it’s all a huge and stressful chore. So I’m choosing a little less shopping, cooking, baking, and launching and a little more naps and meditation this season.

How about you?


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