Dive into the Divine Feminine

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The divine feminine has many faces

The divine feminine has many faces

It’s hard to believe that Intuition Bootcamp Sacred Circle January 2016 begins next week! This time there is a theme – Dive into the Divine Feminine.  During this two-week immersion into the sacred inside of us, we will be focusing on the goddess messages that are here to guide us in this new year.  The Divine Feminine can mean lots of different things to different people. Compassion, wisdom, birth, death, motherhood, sensuality, anger, destruction, the sun, the moon, and cycles are just a few of the qualities embodied in the divine feminine.

many faces divine fem

This divine feminine energy is always available to us for guidance. When we pause and check in with our intuition, we open to receive insight and inspiration from the Divine Feminine: we can be strengthened by Sekhmet’s holy “hell no!” when our boundaries are being violated; we can be healed by Kuan Yin’s deep compassion; we can channel Tara when we need to find our center after being knocked off of it. The Divine Feminine is here for us, to challenge and strengthen us, to soothe and comfort us, to engage and inspire us.

Images of the Divine Feminine from the Wildwood Tarot

Images of the Divine Feminine from the Wildwood Tarot

Will you join us to receive your guidance from the goddess inside? Will you let the Divine Feminine within you emerge to transform your life?

Click here to read more about Intuition Bootcamp Sacred Circle – Dive into the Divine Feminine.  Early bird pricing ends Thursday, January 7!!

Would you like a taste of an online sacred circle of women? Join me Thursday, January 7 at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern (in just a few hours!) for a live tarot and oracle card party. We gather, draw cards together and hear what our intuitions want us to know. It’s a free preview of what you would experience in Intuition Bootcamp, so come and experience the magic, spark and synchronicity yourself!

Click the link below to join the card party on 1/7/16 at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern (if you have never been on Zoom before, you will be prompted to download the app). You can join from your computer, tablet or smart phone:

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/8361257246


2015-10-29 13.39.43-1 I hope you will join us!

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