Change and Compassion

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I’ve been feeling some of the mid-winter blahs this week. It’s been raining buckets here in Northern California, I’ve been worried about the political situation, and my daughter’s in full blown puberty – so it all feels kinda heavy. Do you ever feel this way? I know that part of the challenge for me is that change is happening, big BIG changes! And I automatically resist change, it’s a habit that I’m working on. I read a great article about change that resonated with me. It points out that it’s basic human nature to resist change, and to be pretty stubborn about it too!

Compassion and Healing cards from the Sassy She Oracle

Compassion and Healing cards from the Sassy She Oracle

As you may have guessed from my last post, I turn to the Divine Feminine in all of her forms to guide me, especially when I hit rough patches. This week I used the Sassy She Oracle cards and asked the question: What can help me through this moment? The cards Compassion and Healing came through – I love the vibrant and sensual energy from these cards. The Healing card made me want to go and stand under a tropical waterfall. As that wasn’t happening anytime soon, I went and took a long hot shower and imagined the water was imbued with divine healing powers (who says it’s not?). Afterwards I stood with my feet planted firmly on the ground, held my hands at my heart, and directed love and compassion for myself into my heart. These actions definitely helped!

The Kuan Yin Compassion card from The Goddess Oracle

The Kuan Yin Compassion card from The Goddess Oracle

Later that evening with some friends I pulled a card from The Goddess Oracle, another Divine Feminine deck I love, and again Compassion was the word. This time Compassion came in the form of Kuan Yin, and She had me pause and really pay attention. I had the sense that this was about me, that I needed to give myself more compassion, and that this was also about the world around me. The message from this card is that I needed to open up and feel all of my feelings, and not try to sweep them away. This resulted in some tears, and also some healing. The cards from the Sassy She Oracle took on new resonance, the tears were another form of water cleansing my soul. I felt so much lighter afterwards, the heaviness was lifted. It’s often the resistance to what is (that stubborn resistance to change) that feels like a heavy weight.

I’m feeling that compassion may be the key to moving through this stressful time in our world – beginning with ourselves. How loving and compassionate and accepting and understanding can we be with ourselves? What would life be like when we move through our feelings instead of resisting them. Can you treat yourself as you would your most beloved friend? Can you accept your perfectly imperfect self? I truly believe that it is from this place that compassion can radiate outwards and be a healing force in the world.


Pull Pen Paint class

Pull Pen Paint class

I’d love to work with you and help you tap into the energy of the Divine Feminine! One way to get a taste of this is through the upcoming e-course Pull Pen Paint. I am a guest teacher and will be holding a live circle connecting in with the Divine Feminine energy that is here for each of us. It’s going to be a really fun, deep, and transformative class. I hope you will join us! Click here for more information.


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