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Cards from the Lumina Tarot and Animal Kin oracle posted to Facebook and Instagram

Why do I use tarot and oracle cards? When I got my first deck in college (thanks sis!) I pulled cards when I was troubled, feeling scared and blue. I wanted an “outside” source to guide me, to help put me on the right track. Even though the first tarot book I got was called “Tarot, Mirror to the Soul,” I really didn’t understand that the cards are not an outside guide but really a way to connect inside – to connect with my inner knowing.

This message was brought home to me this week through a Facebook comment. This month, my 50th birthday month, I decided to post cards daily on Facebook and Instagram (I’d love to connect with you there). I’m pulling from the Lumina Tarot and the Animal Kin Oracle simply because they are beautiful decks that I haven’t used very much. I posted the above cards a few days ago with this message: Day 12: the message is to connect deeply to Spirit, it’s the only thing that will help right now. Also have patience. That is all. One of my friends commented that she found the message helpful but that tarot is so not her thing. The comment made me think about why tarot is my thing, and here’s what I found.

Time to assert your spiritual authority

I believe with all of my being that each one of us holds our own answers inside, that each of us is capable of being our own spiritual authority. And I’m passionate about anything that helps people (me included) connect inside, with our own inner wisdom and knowing. Tarot and oracle cards help me do this, so do intuitive painting, dance, meditation, walking in nature, burning sage and incense, and drumming. Oh goodness, the list can go on and on (journaling, chanting, walking a labyrinth, connecting with animals …). Pulling a card from a deck of cards is easy, portable, and quick – you don’t have to have a book, or know anything about it. Simply look at the card, what is happening? How does it make you feel? What pops into your mind? Simple, right? And not always easy. We aren’t used to listening to the whispers of our hearts, to our gut feelings, to the voice of the Divine as it speaks to us.

Open up to the Divine and the messages from your own heart.

So it’s a practice, one that may take some patience and perseverance. I find it really helps to draw a card regularly (try once a day! Do it with me!) When we practice, our ability to open up to our own inner wise selves expands and the process becomes easier and easier.  Does this mean that it takes years to be able to do this for yourself? Absolutely not! Spirit wants us to succeed. Often with the very first card a lightbulb goes on and we say “Ahh, I get it!”

Circling with women is an incredibly important way for me to connect with my inner knowing and share my truth with others who are also on a spiritual path. I’ve gotten so much out of Vanessa Sage’s Priestess trainings, and I’m now a guest teacher in her upcoming Priestess Certification Program. The program begins on May 26th, and on May 25th there is a free circle so you can experience the magic – click here to join us on May 25th!

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