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One of my creations for the Index Card A Day challenge using Stencil Girl Stencils

I’m in a little spot of resistance right now, something is growing and changing inside of me and in my usual way I am clinging to my old ideas and beliefs with vigor. Luckily I know myself and I know that this is my way through. I’m simply taking care of myself and turning to creativity to ease the way. The act of putting color on paper with no agenda can help me quiet the monkey mind. I can also play with color and texture and form.

Sometimes though it’s hard to jump in and begin creating. Facing a blank page can be daunting. This summer I got excited by this Index-Card-A-Day challenge created byย Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow Art. It’s a simple idea, take a basic index card and be creative with it every day in June and July. That’s it. Really. It’s so simple and fun, it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s just an index card – who cares if it’s “good” or “bad” it’s just an index card. Click here to go to Tammy’s website and learn more. It’s a free challenge with some very inexpensive and worthwhile extras offered if you want more help and inspiration. Click here to see what I have been posting on Instagram. One of mine is pictured above, here are a couple of others:

My one-staple collage (one of Tammy’s techniques):

One-staple collage for #icad2017

Playing with tape (washi and masking) and making marks:

For #icad2017 using washi tape

There is something so freeing about creating daily on a cheap and small index card. Sometimes I don’t have that many supplies around and I have to just use what’s in front of me, like this one with only oil pastels, playing with color.

Index card art using only oil pastels

Sometimes I don’t have much time:

Index card art done quickly with collage and acrylic inks

This challenge is pushing me more and more to create from my own heart and desires, to worry less and less what others will think. My brain is sparking with more and more ideas – “What if I use this stencil with this color? What if I mix these things together? Let’s try doodling today! Ooh I like this texture, let’s add it in. What about fabric? Maybe I’ll get my sewing machine out. I’m enjoying just gluing down this paper.”

The challenge runs through the end of July, but really this is something that can be done any day. I’ve been so taken with the idea of creating everyday that I found others doing it. There are people doing the #100dayproject, where they create something every day (on a theme of their own choosing). There are some examples here and here.

I am especially interested in Tori Weyers #DrawRiotDaily project. She creates a small artwork in a tiny Moleskine journal everyday. She also provides daily prompts each month for those who want a bit of inspiration. Click here for a video of her completed journal from 2016. I’m thinking this might be my next daily creative practice!

And just in case a “should” crept into your brain as you read this post, here some wise words from one of my mentors Chris Zydel: “Just remember: shoulds are NO freaking fun under ANY circumstances, but especially when it comes to making art. … Plus you don’t need no stinkin’ inspiration to create!! Or desire. Just a half-assed, sorta-kinda willingness and some tepid curiosity will do. ย And it’s also OK to simply think about making art and then go and take a nap.”


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