The Dreaded Death Card

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The Death card from the Linestrider Tarot

Sometimes when you work with tarot and oracle cards, a card will show up over and over again (sometimes called stalker cards). This card is asking you to stop, pay special attention, and to think more deeply about it’s message. It could also be illuminating a theme or a lesson you are learning in your life right now. All’s well and good when it’s one with positive associations (like the Strength or Lovers cards), but when it’s Death that’s a different story.

In the end of July I came across the Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson and was enchanted with the images, so many wonderful animals!

Wonderful animal illustrations from the Linestrider Tarot

And it’s the Death card that has been showing up for me over and over again. People often hate getting this card, facing death is hard. No matter how often we read that the Death card is most often not about actual death but about change and letting go, it’s still a reminder that all things end. For me it’s about letting go of old patterns and beliefs I’ve held on to, often unconsciously. Beliefs like: I have to fix things for everyone all of the time; it’s not okay to experience rage; it’s safer to only shine a little bit. The Death card keeps coming up over and over for me right now because these old ways of being must die so that I can grow and step into what’s next. It’s a reminder to let go of thinking that I know (or need to know) what’s next, and to surrender to what Spirit has in store for me.

Surrender is my Word of the Year

In this blog post, I wrote about my word of 2017 – Surrender. I really feel that the Death card (which is really about letting go, change, and saying goodbye) is like a neon sign flashing at me – “Hey Monica! Remember Surrender!”

The Death and Lovers cards from the Linestrider Tarot

Twice the Death card has shown up with The Lovers card. I had just read these words about the Lovers in the book The Creative Tarot by Jessa Crispin: “In our creative context, the Lovers is a calling… allowing something to be scary, to be overwhelming; to devote yourself to it even if it requires great changes from you…There are things that fall away — that must fall away — when you devote yourself to a pursuit.”  This feels so perfect for me right now. As I move more and more towards my calling as a spiritual guide, as an artist, as a guide into the self and intuition, I need to be saying goodbye to those parts of myself that denied this calling. I think the death card is also telling me that it’s okay to grieve the life I thought I’d lead and to mourn the safety I thought I had created for myself.

I’m not going to pretend that this is an easy process for me, change is uncomfortable (I’m a Taurus, I love to be comfortable!). And this is another change for me, letting myself have all of my feelings. So I’m supporting myself as much as possible, and being easy and gentle as I undergo yet another transformation.

We just had an incredible new moon solar eclipse, what a perfect time to let go and begin to welcome in the new! Are you in the process of letting go, of surrender? I’d love to hear about it!


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4 thoughts on “The Dreaded Death Card

  1. Wow Monica! What a powerful post! It really helped me to see that the death card means more than well, the foreboding of darkness to come! Loved your interpretation. Well done! ❤️

  2. I really like your interpretation of the death card with the lovers card, and oh my goodness do I get the Taurus reference and liking to be conformable, and uncomfortable with change. I’m a Taurus too.

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