Shine, Soar, Flow

animal guides, Oracle Cards, Women's Circle

Animal wisdom from the Animal Kin Oracle

This week I had the good fortune to lead a wonderful group of women in working with animal spirit guidance. It was for Kiala Givehand’s Pull Pen Paint course which I’ve been a guest teacher in (here’s the link to check it out, click on the blue button “view all courses” to find it). If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love using animal oracle cards (especially this one and this one) and receiving guidance from animals. I feel that working with animal energy brings me closer to mother earth, helps me get out of my head, and guides me in clear and potent ways. During our circle we all pulled cards from animal decks, and then I led everyone in a guided meditation to meet their animal guide. At the end of the meditation I instructed each person to ask their animal guide for a message to share with the group.

The peacock card from the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck.

There were many beautiful and powerful messages shared. Three stood out for me in particular. The first was the peacock – that showy gorgeous bird. The peacock’s message is to let your self shine, to be the center of attention. This was deeply uncomfortable for many of us in the group – it’s especially common for women to feel like we need to dim our shining light. Some of the fears we have are: Will we be too much? Will we be perceived as showing off? What will happen to us if we unfurl our beautiful feathers? For many of us, it doesn’t feel safe. And yet, to be the healing lights that we are meant to be in the world, people need to see us in all of our glory. Mr. Peacock emphasized this message the next morning when another person from the group pulled his card (see it here)!


The eagle card from the Animal Kin Oracle

One of the cards I pulled during the session was the eagle. When I work with eagle, I always feel the power and strength of this animal. During the guided mediation one of the women had a meaningful experience with an eagle – she soared with the eagle up over the earth. The message she received was to let herself soar above her life and the events in the world and to see a higher and wider perspective. This message is so pertinent and powerful right now. With all of the current changes and cataclysmic happenings going on in the world, I think a higher perspective is so helpful. Our eyes are being opened to issues that have been simmering beyond our awareness for a long time. We are being asked to wake up, to see these changes as ways to help us move forward. Very challenging and very needed.

The frog card from the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck.

The third card that made such an impact on me was the frog. I always love to pull the frog card, it’s a card of healing and flow. And the frog is so darn cute!! One woman in our group had a message for all of us from frog – cry, let your tears flow. Tears cleanse the soul and heal our hearts. This wisdom is about letting ourselves FEEL, even when we worry that it will be too much. Feeling our feelings is ALWAYS good medicine, when we avoid them or stuff them down it will make us sick in mind, body and soul.

These wise messages were doubly emphasized for me when I watched one of my favorite art YouTubers Carolyn Dube. She is someone who shines so beautifully – watch her talk about both perspective and tears as she creates this wonderful art journal page.

I hope you will consider connecting with animal guidance, or whatever guidance helps you shine, soar, and flow. I’d love to know how it works out for you!


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