Big Changes and a Giveaway

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Butterfly medicine – the art of transformation

When a caterpillar goes through metamorphosis and becomes a butterfly there is a time in the chrysalis when its body has completely broken down into goo. There is no form or substance until suddenly there is, and the butterfly begins to take shape. I’ve been in the goo stage lately. In January in this post I wrote about my word of the year being Surrender, and boy oh boy have I been surrendering. I said goodbye to my last individual coaching client last month and have decided that Divine Light Coaching as an entity and a website has to go as well.

If you’ve read my other posts, you know that my work both within myself and with others is about following our own guidance and listening to our intuition. Well, I’ve been listening and with lots of worry and trepidation I am following. The worry comes from that part of my mind that always wants to know – what is next?! And my inner wise self isn’t letting on completely and it’s driving me a bit nuts. When I have those rare and wonderful moments of complete trust and faith, I get it – I need to let go and make space in order for the new to blossom and grow. But then my monkey mind comes in and says “are you crazy? How can you let go of a website and not have another in place? How can you let go of your name without a new one?” To help myself through the doubt I do what I always do, I connect with the Divine through movement or drumming or pulling a card. This card from the Triple Goddess Tarot is what I received:

Awakened Aphrodite Card from the Triple Goddess Tarot

Also known as The World card, it tells me that I am in perfect alignment with the Divine path. The message is to follow my highest guidance, to let go of doubt, to surrender to the flow, and to trust. Simple yet not easy, this is seriously an act of faith.

More art wants to be featured in my business

Here’s what I do know: more art wants to come into my business. Since completing the expressive arts teacher training with Chris Zydel this summer I’ve wanted to gather with women and connect in with our inner guidance through cards and art. And while I’ve loved gathering with women online over the past few years, I’m longing to make art with women in person. So I’m starting by offering a couple of super low-cost workshops at my local community center here in Albany, CA (in the East Bay of the SF Bay Area). I may also offer some sweet and intimate workshops in my home.  I will send out information about all in-person workshops as soon as it becomes available to my newsletter subscribers so make sure you are subscribed (click here to subscribe).

Pull Pen Paint Giveaway!!:

But I am not disappearing from the online space entirely, one space that I will be actively teaching and participating in is in Kiala Givehand’s wonderful Pull Pen Paint yearlong online course. I am so excited to return as a teacher in this amazing class! The course is a wonderful blend of working with tarot and oracle cards (Pull), going deeper with journaling (Pen), and going even deeper through art (Paint). There are regular live sessions (I will be teaching at least two!), and also recorded lessons, and the live sessions are recorded as well for those who can’t make it. One of the most valuable things about this course is the wonderful community, it is super supportive and really open and welcoming for beginners and experts alike. Absolutely no experience working with the cards, or journaling, or art is required. The magic that occurs when we gather to pull cards and create is really healing and grounding – something we all need right now in this crazy, stressful, and upside down world! Click here to join Pull Pen Paint!

Giveaway: And another reason to make sure you are on my newsletter list is that I will be giving away a free spot in Pull Pen Paint 2018 next week to one of my newsletter subscribers! Click here to sign up for my newsletter.

I have so loved connecting with you in this blog, and I plan to blog more in 2018, just not in this space. I hope we can keep being connected through my newsletter or on Instagram!!

I’m sending you so much love. ~ Monica

6 thoughts on “Big Changes and a Giveaway

  1. Wow! Monica, I feel so proud of you. I read this and felt a total flutter inside of me. It was a combination of fear and maybe envy. Like I want to come with you and yet “no, way”!!! I guess I need to sit with that awhile… Congratulations on the start of your new journey! Hugs!

  2. I will miss your presence on Instagram. I do understand your desires to work in person. Best of luck to you..

  3. Goodness! we are very much in a similar place. I’m debating walking away from art as a business. I would till do it for fun though! But the scary part is to not know what’s next! I’m struggling with that myself and it feels both good and bad. Good luck on your journey! I know you will be successful regardless of what you do!

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