Special Page for Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit

Welcome Right-Brainers!!  This is a page I created as a thank you for watching me on the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit! My gift to you is a guided meditation I recorded especially for Summit folks. It will help you connect to your body, quiet your mind, and use Earth’s energy to allow your intuition and inner wisdom to come through. You can access this meditation by clicking on the link below, and you will also receive my monthly newsletter, The Seeker:

Click here to sign up and receive the guided meditation Connecting to the Earth 

By signing up for the newsletter above, and downloading your free guided meditation, you will also be in the loop to receive information about my upcoming e-course: Ignite Your Spiritual Fire – Connecting to Inner Wisdom with Tarot and Oracle Cards. And just for you, I’ve recorded a video of some cards I pulled for all of us attending the Summit as together we seek to ignite our creativity and develop authenticity in our businesses. Watch the video below and be wowed by the AMAZINGLY perfect cards that literally jumped out of the deck for you.

What are you wide open to?

What are you wide open to?

That was so fun for me, and that will be an important aspect of the course:  having fun with the cards! The e-course will focus on choosing decks that align with your essence, learning different traditions of the cards, and practicing using the cards for yourself to ignite your inner flame and keep it blazing.

Click here to be the first to receive information about the launch of my e-course in the next few months – and also to receive the FREE guided meditation Connecting to the Earth.

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Some photos from my Instagram feed where I share daily inspiration and beauty

One last thing:  I would love to connect with you on Instagram and have an ongoing conversation — click here to see my profile. I share my own journey through photos, and also pick a card of the week for my followers every Monday. Hope to see you there!

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