Moon Wisdom

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Last week while we were dancing in the temple, the full moon rose over the hills. We who noticed it wandered closer to the windows and bathed in her light. The music got faster, more energized. We spun and gyrated and moved through the room, my movements taking on an almost frenzied pace. I stopped in front of the altar, seeing the moon shining on me, I threw back my head and howled. Answering howls echoed through the room. I started laughing, completely delighted by this moment and these women dancing and howling together.

There is something so elemental about women and the moon. The moon is seen as feminine and there are moon goddesses in many cultures (eg., Diana/Artemis, Cerridwen, Ix Chel, Yemaya). The moon rules the earth’s tides and women’s flow. It’s also seen as scary, shadowy, and crazy (the word lunacy comes from the latin word for moon luna).

Birth of the Moon card from the Triple Goddess Tarot

In the tarot many see the Moon as a dark card indicating that the person receiving the card is going through a hard and confusing time. However, when you use a women-centered deck like the Triple Goddess Tarot (in the above picture) a different take emerges. The light of the moon illuminates things differently, it gives us a changed view of the world around us. In this light the Moon card is about the inward journey, connecting with intuition and the unconscious. This realm is the place of the Divine Feminine, the Moon Goddess who takes compassionate care of the mystery of the soul.

Moon card from the Wild Unknown Tarot

Many moon cards, such as this one from the Wild Unknown Tarot (pictured above) show the moon appearing between two pillars (or trees above). The Moon here is the gate to the unconscious, to willingly pass through is considered an initiation of sorts. I feel that way about my own journey into my own spirituality and how to manifest my gifts in the world. In leaving psychology I felt like I was entering the void, a scary and unknown place. I was terrified and yet I knew I could not go back – I had to learn to trust my gut and go forward. This description by Michelle Tea in her book Modern Tarot fit my journey perfectly:

“The Moon dares us to make friends with what scares us, to get familiar with our bogeymen, shake paws with the monster under the bed, look ourselves in the mirror at our most emotional, and love ourselves. … The Moon requires you to be patient and to trust.”

Today the Moon card came up for me in a spread in the spot indicating the way I was to share my gifts with the world. It’s so fitting really, guiding others into the shadowy realms of intuition, inner wisdom and the Divine Feminine – it is the journey I have undertaken and continue to walk every day. By facing the monsters under my bed I found the Divine Feminine and the moon, I found myself.


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Ways inside

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Cards from the Lumina Tarot and Animal Kin oracle posted to Facebook and Instagram

Why do I use tarot and oracle cards? When I got my first deck in college (thanks sis!) I pulled cards when I was troubled, feeling scared and blue. I wanted an “outside” source to guide me, to help put me on the right track. Even though the first tarot book I got was called “Tarot, Mirror to the Soul,” I really didn’t understand that the cards are not an outside guide but really a way to connect inside – to connect with my inner knowing.

This message was brought home to me this week through a Facebook comment. This month, my 50th birthday month, I decided to post cards daily on Facebook and Instagram (I’d love to connect with you there). I’m pulling from the Lumina Tarot and the Animal Kin Oracle simply because they are beautiful decks that I haven’t used very much. I posted the above cards a few days ago with this message: Day 12: the message is to connect deeply to Spirit, it’s the only thing that will help right now. Also have patience. That is all. One of my friends commented that she found the message helpful but that tarot is so not her thing. The comment made me think about why tarot is my thing, and here’s what I found.

Time to assert your spiritual authority

I believe with all of my being that each one of us holds our own answers inside, that each of us is capable of being our own spiritual authority. And I’m passionate about anything that helps people (me included) connect inside, with our own inner wisdom and knowing. Tarot and oracle cards help me do this, so do intuitive painting, dance, meditation, walking in nature, burning sage and incense, and drumming. Oh goodness, the list can go on and on (journaling, chanting, walking a labyrinth, connecting with animals …). Pulling a card from a deck of cards is easy, portable, and quick – you don’t have to have a book, or know anything about it. Simply look at the card, what is happening? How does it make you feel? What pops into your mind? Simple, right? And not always easy. We aren’t used to listening to the whispers of our hearts, to our gut feelings, to the voice of the Divine as it speaks to us.

Open up to the Divine and the messages from your own heart.

So it’s a practice, one that may take some patience and perseverance. I find it really helps to draw a card regularly (try once a day! Do it with me!) When we practice, our ability to open up to our own inner wise selves expands and the process becomes easier and easier.  Does this mean that it takes years to be able to do this for yourself? Absolutely not! Spirit wants us to succeed. Often with the very first card a lightbulb goes on and we say “Ahh, I get it!”

Circling with women is an incredibly important way for me to connect with my inner knowing and share my truth with others who are also on a spiritual path. I’ve gotten so much out of Vanessa Sage’s Priestess trainings, and I’m now a guest teacher in her upcoming Priestess Certification Program. The program begins on May 26th, and on May 25th there is a free circle so you can experience the magic – click here to join us on May 25th!

Coming back to center in a f’d up world

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Connecting to my center with tarot and oracle cards

Connecting to my center with tarot and oracle cards

This post is about the dance of losing my center, and coming back, losing it, and coming back again. I don’t believe it’s possible to stay in our center, not now and maybe not ever. Just one glimpse of social media and the frenzy around our political situation right now throws me right into fear and anxiety. One tense parenting moment (and with an adolescent there are plenty) or one financial discussion with my husband and there I go again. (Makes sense why Pause was my word of 2016, right?!)

My practice is now to recognize this uncentered and off-kilter state, to hold myself in compassion for being there, and then to do what I need to do to reconnect with my center – that wise place inside of me. Simple, but not easy!

Why do this? What’s so important about being centered? For me, being centered means that the chatter of my mind is quieted down and I can hear the wisdom of my inner knowing. This centered place helps me respond, instead of reacting, to what life throws my way. In this place, fear is not in charge, and anxiety takes a back seat. From here I can parent from a place of love and listening, and move forward in my life in a calm and grounded way.

How do we notice we are off of center, that we are caught up in the craziness of the outside world? There might be physical symptoms – breathing is shallow, tension builds up in the neck and shoulders – or I may not feel connected with my body at all. My thoughts might be racing, the mantra of “do it, fix it, control it” rushing through my brain. Anxiety is high, and I feel as if time has sped up. I feel like my daughter’s hamster running around his wheel. My practices help me notice when all of this is going on, which is the first step to slowing down.  Having regular places to stop and go inside myself during the week help me monitor when I’m caught up in frenzy and worry. And through those practices I am able to stop the hamster wheel and begin to come back to my breath, my body, and being present here and now.

Here are some of my practices:

  1. Pull a card and journal.
    My daily practice with tarot and oracle cards

    My daily practice with tarot and oracle cards

    You knew I would start here, didn’t you? Taking a few minutes to light a candle, sometimes burn sage or palo santo, breathe deeply and pull a card is a very grounding practice for me. It helps me to slow down, feel my feet on the ground, and then listen in for divine guidance. Spending a few minutes writing in my journal allows me to receive the messages I need to hear.

2.  Play with art supplies! 

Playing with stencils on a piece of scrap copy paper

Playing with stencils on a piece of scrap copy paper

This one is so fun and connects me to my imagination and creativity. The emphasis here is on PLAY. Play and fun are essential to plug into that wellspring of joy that always resides within us. When I am off center it can be tough to dive into play and creativity. In those moments I purposely take a piece of old cardboard, scrap paper or junk mail and use that as my surface for creating. What supplies will I use? Anything I have at hand, I love to cut up an old magazine and slap pieces down with a glue stick. Or I’ll take some stencils and go to town with different colors of paint. Really anything goes, and it really helps me slow down my thoughts and connect with myself. This really works best if I have no agenda for what I’m working on and no plan for it afterwards.

3. Meditation. Now I know that this is a tricky one for a lot of people. Many have told me that it just doesn’t work for them. Yeah, I get it, we’re supposed to be all relaxed and our minds are supposed to be quiet and most of the time they aren’t. Meditation really clicked for me after reading Jack Kornfield’s books “A Path With Heart” and “After the Ecstasy the Laundry.” I got it that the practice of meditation is noticing how busy our minds are and then coming back to the breath, noticing thoughts and coming back to the breath again. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes excruciatingly challenging. I’ve found though that it’s always worth it and it brings me back to my center and my heart. For those who want to try it and are not sure where to begin, I recommend the app Insight Timer. Not only does it have a handy timer, there are also hundreds of guided meditations available which are helpful for busy minds.

The beauty of nature brings me back to my center

The beauty of nature brings me back to my center

4. Be in nature! This is a big one for me. Every time I can spend some time with redwoods, or gaze out at the ocean I feel the hamster wheel of my mind begin to slow down. Mother Earth is our greatest healer, and I do feel her healing essence when I give myself the time and space to tap into it.

5. Connecting with others in a class or circle. Sometimes we need help,

Connecting in with my fiery broken open heart at Chris Zydel's studio

Connecting in with my fiery broken open heart at Chris Zydel’s studio

sometimes we are so knocked off course that meditating or painting or pulling a card is not enough. I paint regularly at Chris Zydel’s studio. This practice helps me go deeper into myself for connecting and healing, and I am able to do this because of the container of safety that Chris creates. I also dance with a circle of women lead by Heather Munro Pierce. The work I do with Chris and Heather, and with other coaches and therapists and healers throughout my life, is not work I do alone. The power of the circle of women and of the wise guide who holds the space with love and safety is deep medicine. This is also what I do for my clients, hold the space with love and compassion so that they can connect with their inner guidance.

Now more than ever our practices for connecting with our own inner wisdom are essential. For those interested in jumpstarting their own practices to support themselves in moving through these challenging times, there is a wonderful month-long class by Kiala Givehand coming up called Pull Pen Paint.  I will be a guest teacher and will hold a sacred circle for one of the live sessions. The circle will be a beautiful dive into the divine feminine with tarot and oracle cards. I think the best thing about this class is that you will leave with a practice to help connect you with your center: pulling a card, journaling, and creating art. It’s also going to be so much fun!

Pull Pen Paint class

Pull Pen Paint class

I would love to hear from you, what are some of your practices? What helps you get back to your center?  I will be giving away a free spot to Pull Pen Paint later in February to my newsletter subscribers so make sure you are signed up if you are interested. Click here to sign up!

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Word of the Year – oh sh*t!

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My word of the year has chosen me, and it’s a doozy – the kind of word that had me saying “really?!” “Oh shit!” and “here we go again!” You see, when a word of the year chooses me, it’s usually to push me in a direction of growth (ahem, big crazy challenges). Because really, for me, change is challenging, and also wonderful and necessary. So I have a love/hate relationship with my word of the year, and I’m always grateful (eventually).


My 2015 Word of the Year - Design by Jo Klima of The Darling Tree

My 2015 Word of the Year – Design by Jo Klima of The Darling Tree

This was the first time I chose a Word of the Year, and I thought it was relatively innocuous, but good. It sounded virtuous – I want to listen more to others. Once I committed to it, however, the Divine took hold and said “now you have to listen to ME, and your BODY, and your own INNER GUIDANCE.” Well crap, that’s a whole lot harder than what I had in mind. This word took me on a journey, helped me to dive into tarot and oracle cards more fully, pushed me to develop my meditation practice (and other woo-woo things) – all in the service of learning to listen deeply. As someone who had fought all things woo-woo for many years (12 years in academic/research psychology), this word turned out to be WAY more challenging than I anticipated. Of course this challenging word has led me down a path that has been the truest and most authentic of my life so far. So there’s that.


2016 Word of the Year - Pause

2016 Word of the Year – Pause

Ah, a simple one, right? Pause to stop and appreciate beauty all around you. Pause before committing yourself to too many things to avoid burnout. Pause so you can respond thoughtfully instead of (over)reacting – a parenting practice I aspire to. Mmm, so nice and zen, so mindful! As usual simple is not necessarily easy. Pause turned out to be one huge freaking pause in so many unexpected ways – menopause, pause the business completely for health reasons – actually pause just about everything for health reasons. 2016 was the year that my body finally told me – well you really didn’t learn the lesson of listening to me in 2015, you keep pushing me beyond what’s good for me, so I’m gonna make you listen to me now. (See how that sneaky word “listen” from 2015 just came along for 2016 too?)

Here’s where I’m supposed to tell you about all of the gifts of this pause year: how I developed a deeper and more intimate relationship with my own body (true), how pause helped me with my boundaries and my energy level (also true). But the coolest thing about my pause year was that I got off of my computer and did art. I feel my artist self blossoming and emerging in ways I never expected.

Lots more intuitive painting (even began Teacher Training with Chris Zydel!): intuitive-painting-collage

Participated in a postcard swap and a 52 card deck swap (twice!):


Even started art journaling!


Now it’s 2017 and my word of the year is:  surrender.  Yikes! For me this is a big deal because I really like the feeling of being in control (no, really, I LOVE it). Surrender feels like the opposite of control which is why I resisted it when it popped into my head on New Year’s Day. I have no illusions, like I did for 2015 and 2016, that this word will be easy or fun or enjoyable. Here’s the interesting thing though – it could be easy, fun and enjoyable if I get out of my own way. What might it be like to surrender to what truly is happening instead of trying to bend things to my own will (or to some version of how I think things “should” be?) What would it be like to float along down the river with the current instead of always trying to swim upstream? I guess that 2017 is the year I will be trying that out. Wish me luck!

What’s your word of the year and how do you feel about it? I’d love to know!

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Embracing the Darkness Together

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Darkness - Sassy She Oracle

Darkness – Sassy She Oracle

We had another wonderful sacred tarot and oracle card party on Thursday (read about the first one here)! Before we began, I pulled a card from the Sassy She Oracle and received Darkness. This felt right to me, both for the season (we have moved into the darkest quarter of the year) and for the areas of myself that I’ve been exploring. I had a worry that “darkness” would be a bit too much for a party. I spoke with the group about darkness being connected to my feelings of vulnerability as I launch my online offering Intuition Bootcamp Sacred Circle. As usual, I didn’t need to worry, Spirit doesn’t steer me wrong. Here’s what women said in the chat:

“That’s what I’ve been working with too. Integrating darkness.”
“Me too! Set up a dark goddess altar today”
“me too. Massive vulnerable time”
“i picked sadness 3 of swords just now; and prince of swords; and princess of disks… lots going on”
“So vulnerable here lately!”

The magic and the alchemy continued as women showed their cards – balance, light and dark, vulnerability and strength, and love.

IMG_2024IMG_2026IMG_2032IMG_2025ruth loveruth balancekatherine's cardlegacy of divine tarotIMG_2027IMG_2030thoth magicianIMG_2028IMG_2031imgres

“my totem animal…owls”
“nurturing the night, yes”
“owls…amakua in Hawaii”
“Owls are one of my totems too. They have taught me much.”
“love the simplicity of those cards! Wow!”

“need the dark to rest”
“never thought of it like that….seeds need the dark to grow”
“balancing is an act…the act of balancing”
“balance is non-exsistent I think…it seems more like a juggle”
“It’s just a shifting of energy to different quadrants of life not worrying about balance”
“your words are resonating …sooo much”
“That nugget makes big ripples. xo”
“Power does come from within……”
“It feels like she’s letting the sadness and regret go. She feels very noble”

“yes …there is a time to respect the procrastination cause it too has meaning”
“Love that procrastination is our intuition telling us that something needs to be looked at, considered… notice.”
“I needed to hear that today!”
“I’m starting to feel what I need to do next.”
“yes, trust the feelings of what it means for you!”

Some people pulled cards that spoke to them in ways that were different from the meanings in the books. That last comment, “yes, trust the feelings of what it means for you!” is what Intuition Bootcamp Sacred Circle is all about. We gather together, support each other, and exercise our intuition to find the messages and meanings that are here for us specifically.

The magic of the circle shows us time and time again that we are all connected. While we are all different in many ways, there is a commonality and a mutual understanding that forms when we gather together with the intention of being in the Divine flow.

During Intuition Bootcamp Sacred Circle, we will be circling live in this way three times over two weeks for our deep and sacred work together. The opening circle is tomorrow, November 2 at 10am Pacific!

IMG_2006I hope you will join us as we connect in with our own Infinite Truth! Click here to learn more about Intuition Bootcamp Sacred Circle, and circle with us!






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card webform


Sacred party time

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We had ridiculous amounts of fun.

Last Friday I invited women to a tarot and oracle card party as a preview for my upcoming offering Intuition Bootcamp Sacred Circle. I had no idea what would happen except that I would create sacred space and then open it up for whatever wanted to unfold. What developed was pure magic. It was the alchemy that occurs when women gather together in safe sacred space with the intention to bring their full selves and to open up to Spirit. The women were invited to bring their own decks and share cards, and many did.

IMG_1854I kicked things off with Peace and Passion from the Sassy She Oracle. I also spoke about having fun and playing with the cards together. Here’s what happened in the chat:

“Love that Passion card! Fun! Dance! One of my fav things!”
“Peace and Play!”
“Loving the three P’s — Play Passion Peace!!!! Needed to hear those today.”


And then the women shared their cards and it was a tumble of beauty, fun, wisdom and synchronicity!!

IMG_1946IMG_1948IMG_1947images-1Ruth's cardsimagesimgresimages-209d2b37df1fe4fd3f8649ca5fb71dd7dIMG_1949

And here’s a small taste of the magic came through the chat:

“Lovelution 💞”
“Wild, free, full moon! trance,”
“so lovely when we get confirmation that we are on the right path”
“Let’s go down that wild path together!”
“letting go!!! yes yes yes.”
“love letting go message! I’ll have what she’s having! :)”

“tears of joy at all the beautiful synchronicity!”
“the flower is so open, vulnerable, alive!”
“I think I popped in here just to see that card!”
“Wow! powerful, The Reader!”
“On fire!”
“thank you for that!!!!!OMG so needed that. Especially the poet one.”

“yes!!! It’s all about the why!!”
“The Queen of Wands!!!! Transformation!”
“Yes! Fierce compassion”
“snake medicine for healing.”
“sending love and light to you! keep embracing”
“Love how all the cards we’ve drawn are speaking to each other”
“Love the water flow…”
“stand firm in letting go”
“the standing firm can be harder than the letting go – at least for me.”

In 75 minutes online we built connection, gave support, celebrated each other, and had flashes of insight. Many of them will be back for the next card party, and you are invited too:

Thursday, October 29th at 12 noon Pacific time, 3pm Eastern

On Zoom which is a free video conferencing app, if you have never used it, click on the link below a couple of minutes early and it will automatically download to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

IMG_1640Some women shared cards, some didn’t. Some women were on camera, some weren’t. Some were very involved in the chat, some not so much. And every single one of them brought amazing energy to this circle. One woman signed up for Intuition Bootcamp Sacred Circle right after the party. She told me that this was just what she needed to renew and refresh herself while caregiving for her family.

I hope you will join us on Thursday, October 29th – 12 noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)!  Use this link: Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:




Shake, shake, SHAKE!

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Dance and heal the world

Dance and heal the world

by Jewel Mathieson

We have come to be danced
not the pretty dance
not the pretty pretty, pick me, pick me dance
but the claw our way back into the belly
of the sacred, sensual animal dance
the unhinged, unplugged, cat is out of its box dance
the holding the precious moment in the palms
of our hands and feet dance

We have come to be danced
not the jiffy booby, shake your booty for him dance
but the wring the sadness from our skin dance
the blow the chip off our shoulder dance
the slap the apology from our posture dance

Dance the spiral

Dance the spiral

We have come to be danced
not the monkey see, monkey do dance
one, two dance like you
one two three, dance like me dance
but the grave robber, tomb stalker
tearing scabs & scars open dance
the rub the rhythm raw against our souls dance

WE have come to be danced
not the nice invisible, self conscious shuffle
but the matted hair flying, voodoo mama
shaman shakin’ ancient bones dance
the strip us from our casings, return our wings
sharpen our claws & tongues dance
the shed dead cells and slip into
the luminous skin of love dance

Dance under the full moon

Dance under the full moon

We have come to be danced
not the hold our breath and wallow in the shallow end of the floor dance
but the meeting of the trinity: the body, breath & beat dance
the shout hallelujah from the top of our thighs dance
the mother may I?
yes you may take 10 giant leaps dance
the Olly Olly Oxen Free Free Free dance
the everyone can come to our heaven dance

Dance for pure pleasure

Dance for pure pleasure

We have come to be danced
where the kingdom’s collide
in the cathedral of flesh
to burn back into the light
to unravel, to play, to fly, to pray
to root in skin sanctuary
We have come to be danced

Equinox ritual

The amazing sunset on the Equinox

The amazing sunset on the Equinox

Sometimes I get caught up in how others create ritual, sometimes I forget that the rituals I create are for me.

The collage I created with friends marking the blue moon

The collage I created with friends marking the blue moon

Earlier this week was the autumnal equinox and I was seeing all sorts of posts in the week or so leading up to it about how to mark this time with art, dance, cards, fire, crystals and so on. I love the idea of marking this change of seasons, letting go of what has passed, inviting in the new. I had grand plans for rituals: I had the option of going to Heather Munro Pierce’s equinox ritual dance on the Saturday before; I planned to collage and create art; I planned to light candles, do a tarot card spread, burn some sage.

And one lesson that I have learned (especially in the past year) is that I need to be flexible, because the Universe does not care at all about my plans. I got sick and had to spend much of the week in bed recovering. I kind of forgot about my rituals and focused on healing. On Wednesday afternoon I had the thoughts that my chance to celebrate the equinox was passing, and that I wasn’t going to be able to do “a good ritual,” and that it was going to be over, and that I’ll have missed my chance. Aha! I recognized that my inner critic had jumped into the mix and he was judging whether or not I was doing things the “right” way. The critic was pushing that old belief that there is a right way and a wrong way to do everything, including my equinox ritual!

My dog and I marking the Equinox

My dog and I marking the Equinox

I took some deep breaths and thought about what these rituals are really about. For me, seasonal rituals help to remind myself of my connection to Spirit through Mother Earth. What’s the easiest way to do that? Touch the earth. I went out into the back yard and lay on the dry grass. I felt the sun on my face and the warm ground beneath me.  I gave thanks for these gifts. My dog came out to join me and lay his head on my belly. I gave thanks for him as well and for all the people and beings I love in my life.


My “late” Equinox card spread using the Mythical Goddess Tarot

And then, the next day, when I had a bit more time and energy, I did a wonderful card spread for myself.  And this weekend I will probably burn some sage and do some art with girlfriends.  These were powerful lessons for me – to remember that small and simple things can be powerful rituals; and that there is no timetable for Spirit, everything unfolds just how it should.

New things are happening in my business. I’m getting ready to roll out my first e-course working with tarot and oracle cards.  I’ve also created a special free gift for signing up for my e-course waitlist – Wild Adventures Through the Decks. This is a view into the wonderful tarot and oracle card decks I use with some tips for play and exploration of your own. This is a little teaser about it because it’s not quite ready yet.  Soon though!!

Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance, Intuition

So much has happened since I last wrote, I have been on an internal journey, letting go of old limiting beliefs and stories, and opening up even more to my own wisdom and Divine Light.  

Once I decided to listen to my intuition, signs were everywhere - even in the grass on a walk.

Once I decided to listen to my intuition, signs were everywhere – even in the grass on a walk.

In the beginning of December I attended what I affectionately term “intuition boot camp,” which was really Chris Zydel’s amazing retreat “Painting from the Wild Heart.”  I am not what anyone would normally call an artist, and painting scared the crap out of me.  But with Chris’s loving care and her words “paint like you are 4 years old again” resonating in my heart – I painted my heart out and found my soul.

My soul wasn’t exactly lost, I simply needed help listening in to it on a deeper level.  As Chris would say over and over again, it was “simple, not easy.”  Because when I truly listened it, I got to hear – and feel – everything.  I had to move through such resistance, to allow myself to feel the fear, grief, rage, joy, and hope.  In allowing those feelings to emerge, I could hear, loudly and clearly, the voice of my own intuition – and something else.  I could hear the voice and guidance of Spirit. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe, one of my guiding lights.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, one of my guiding lights.

I had forgotten to listen to the Divine guidance within me, and to call on it regularly to lead me on my path.  There was tremendous healing in this connection to Spirit, and the knowledge that I was blessed.  Also, with this knowledge, the directive to bring this Divine Guidance more and more into my service to the world.  In essence, to bring more Divine Light into Divine Light coaching.

So, that means there will be some changes around here.  You may have already noticed that my website has been changing.   I am also developing offerings that use my skills as a divine guide, helping others find and connect to their own divine guidance.  

Change is sometimes scary, at least for me.  And, when I finally move through the fear, I reach movement, excitement and creativity.  

"All of life is creative, and you are always co-creating with the Divine."

“All of life is creative, and you are always co-creating with the Divine.”

I decided to pull a card from The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck by Colette Baron-Reid to share with you today.  This card reminds us that creativity is divinely inspired and all of life is a co-creation with the divine.  It also tells us that each of our intentions energetically goes out into the Cosmos and has the power to affect others.  So my intention for myself that I send out into the world is to keep connecting to my soul and to Spirit, and to LISTEN to the divine guidance I receive.  I hope this intention touches you as well.

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Recharge in Nature

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Path down to the beach at Pt. Bonita

Path down to the beach at Pt. Bonita

Lately I’ve had several experiences which have shown me the power of nature to recharge and shift my perspective.  One striking example happened a few weeks ago when I chaperoned my 9-year-old daughter’s class (and all of the other 4th grade classes at her school – that’s a little over 100 kids folks!) on their trip to the Pt. Bonita YMCA Outdoor Education Center.  This is a rite of passage for 4th graders in this area, that they go on a 2-night/3-day trip with their school, and a few parents get to go with them.  My daughter really wanted me to go and I was feeling ambivalent – 3 days of work missed, 2 nights of crappy sleep, and 3 days of driving and chaperoning a bunch of great but exhausting 9 and 10 year olds!  I guess I wasn’t ambivalent, I felt obligated to go and wasn’t looking forward to it!

Then on the way there, we got stuck in a one-way tunnel because of a car with a medical emergency ahead of us; had to find another way to the Center and got lost; and arrived about an hour late and stressed out.  Not an auspicious start!

We met with our naturalist, Pelican Pete, who was the most Zen guy I’ve ever met.  I told him about our stressful arrival and he said “Oh wow. Well, we’re just going to eat some lunch and head on down to the beach.  You can lie on the sand and rest while I’m working with the kids.”  Ahhhhh, perfect!  We walked down to the beach using the path you see in the first picture, he had each child (there were 15 in my group, plus 2 more chaperones) walk down on their own with 30 seconds between them.  The point was to listen to the sounds, watch for animals, and generally notice where we were.  I went last and had a beautiful walk ALONE down to the beach.  I had unexpected, and welcome, respite – I opened my eyes and heart and really took in the incredible beauty of the coast, the ocean, the gentle breeze.  I felt my blood pressure begin to drop, that shaky out-of-sorts feeling begin to dissipate.

Beach just down the hill from the Pt. Bonita YMCA

Beach just down the hill from the Pt. Bonita YMCA

Sitting on the beach while the kids played wave tag and learned about animal habitats, I saw pelicans, whale spouts, and seal heads bobbing in the surf.  Digging my toes into the sand, I called on the earth and the ocean to fill me, calm me, and give me the energy to be what I needed to be for the kids I was responsible for (many of whom were away from home without parents for the first time).  Later that evening, our group went on a night hike and again I could hang back with the lagging kids and drink in the view – the cliffs, the ocean, the sunset.

Night hike view, Pt. Bonita

Night hike view, Pt. Bonita

Even at 5am when the girls in my dorm room couldn’t sleep and woke me up, and my eyes felt gritty, I was fortified by being able to shower, grab some tea and take a solo hike on the cliffs (the kids had to hang out in their rooms until 7am so I had some time).  I stood in awe of the beauty of the place, and thought “how can I possibly complain when I am looking at this?!”  It was during this time that I saw a bobcat, deer, and more whales.  And that was it, perspective completely shifted from obligation to appreciation and gratitude.

I know, without a doubt, taking some time every day to breathe deeply, feel my feet on the earth, and really tune into the beauty of the natural world around me gave me the energy and open heart to really enjoy this time with my daughter’s classmates.  I saw a few of my chaperone cohorts begin to be angry, snippy, and burned out by the last day and I wondered if they had taken any time to breathe and recharge in this incredible setting?  (Don’t get me wrong, when we got back I told my husband “you’re it”  took the whole weekend to rest and sleep).  I was actually a bit teary when it was over, realizing how lucky I had been to experience this beauty and witness the kids’ own unfolding in this lovely and wild place.

The whole experience reminded me yet again of how important it is for me to take time in nature, how it refreshes me, calms me, gives me the energy to move forward.  Gazing out into the ocean, walking among the trees in a forest, traipsing foothill paths – these are all ways to unwind and let go of the millions of swirling thoughts that occupy my mind.  Then peace, connection to spirit, and stillness can enter.  Ahhhhh!

Camping amongst the redwoods

Camping amongst the redwoods

This coming weekend, to kick off the beginning of summer vacation, we are going camping in the redwoods in Northern California (this picture is from last year).  I am looking forward to more recharging!  What will you do to recharge in nature?

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